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Corporate Limousine Service

Park Forest Limo Service offers executive and corporate transportation services 24/7.
Whether you're arranging travel and transfers for your executives or entertaining your present or future clients--we have the services you need. There are many different ways to arrange the perfect and efficient way to travel for your important guests and leave a lasting impression on them. We understand the needs of our corporate executives in Park Forest and we strive to make it happen for you.

1. Signature Executive Services: We understand what you need for your corporate executive guests. Park Forest and the surrounding areas accommodate a lot of corporate and executive functions and conventions large and small. For Park Forest Limo Rentals, there is never a function too large or too small for us to handle. We are in the business of catering to your requests in the most efficient and luxurious way possible. We offer limousines and buses in 20, 40 and 456 passenger sizes for your the most comfortable, functional and luxurious ride for your guests. We are more than just a limo rental service. Park Forest Limousines are a full-service transportation service. If a limo isn't what you need then call us and tell us what you think would accommodate your people best.

2. Convention, Corporate and Executive Training Functions: We often come across companies that are hosting corporate or executive trainings and conventions as well as trade-shows. We have the experience here at Park Forest Limousine Rentals that allow us to suggest and work very well with the changing schedules of these functions without breaking the corporate budget. We know that some of your corporate executives may have to be on one side of town while others will have to arrive at the same time somewhere else. We have this down to a science and will never intentionally or under normal operation--leave you stranded or waiting unnecessarily for transport. We are safe, efficient and everything your corporate executives need. We know that last thing you need to think about is transportation.

3. Vehicles: We know you'll spend half the time working and don't think we haven't thought of that. We have spacious seating that give you a comfortable work and virtual meeting place as well as interfacing room in smooth luxury. Let us know at the time or in as far in advance as possible and we'll make every effort to ensure your ride is compatible with what you have planned in the limo on the way to your corporate or executive event. We have docking areas for your wireless devices so you can keep on top of it all while you get to where you need to go on time.

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4. Schedule and Packages: We can wait for you on site, or, return when you need us to. You will have access to the driver and dispatch for the duration of your visit. We have corporate and executive service packages available as well as single rate pricing. We suggest a package for mid to large sized groups. This is because you then have your own fleet for a set amount of time. This is great for your possibly changing schedules. Most of the time you're running on a tight and well oiled schedule but we know that there are changes in the interim a percentage of the time.

There is a comfort in knowing that we belong to you for the duration of your trip. This way, you aren't wasting valuable man hours trying to track us down or calling another company. You know that we will have no other clients but your group for the duration. There is nothing worse than having to call another company that may charge you more or to add insult to injury, may end up not showing up on time because they've taken another call. We suggest staying with us with a package rate to ensure you can leave the worry to us.

5. After Function Plans: We know as well as anyone else that corporate and executive functions will give way to a lot of celebration and partying afterward. Whether you are entertaining clients or are just wanting a drink and maybe a show or a club, you can enjoy your night with us in comfort!

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